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Scholarship Information

Type of Scholarship(s) Provided: Tuition


African American Males:

High School Seniors with acceptance to an Historically Black College or University- GPA 2.7 or higher

Current full-time Students with enrollment at an Historically Black College or University- GPA 3.0 or higher


Applicants must select at least two options below and discuss:

Option A: What is the vision you are seeking? What are the steps you are taking to gain success?

Option B: What is your passion? Describe your passion or show us examples of what you are passionate about and want to pursue.

Option C: What is a significant moment that changed your life?

Option D: Why is this scholarship important to you?

Submission Information

All Applications must be submitted to scholarship@walkerwilliamswilson.fund

Accepted forms of content submissions:

Essay - 800 word Maximum

Video- 3 minute Maximum

March 21, 2019


Honoring the Legacy of:


Randy D. Walker II


Alex K.


Evan C.